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My name is Rebecca and I seem to move through a variety of expressions in this life - art, dance, knitting, outdoor exploration, gardening, blogging, and I love it all as it is present and then as suddenly it wanders away from me so that I never know what is next.

Please share what tickles you, distresses you, makes you feel alive, and wants to be shared.

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Love to hear from you. Share your beautiful self here.

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February 15, 2018

I'm all smiles again, Rebecca! You are bringing us another chapter about local empowered women who are passionate about their pursuits in the 2nd half of our lives. I've enjoyed Ginny's music performances, and look forward to enjoying her flowers. Thank you!! - Sue Lee Mossman

Thank you, always bringing me smiles!

Rebecca, thanks for the lovely reminder to enjoy this world. Hope you had a special Valentine's Day. Have I told you that I'm so impressed with your talent? Wow. Thanks for sharing and for raising the consciousness --we so need that today. - Sharon Ferrett

Lovely to hear from you and a great heartfelt thanks! We've got to share the beauty. - Rebecca

This is so so great, Rebecca! Love it - Janet Czarnecki

Well, yes, and it's your beauty shining through, Gorgeous! I am so grateful that we are in the same valley. - Rebecca

October 21, 2017

Nothing like sharing family times and glorious foods of the season to balm our souls after terrible near misses. Fortunate are those of us whose family roots are so nurturing. Love to read your stories! They never last quite long enough! - Kathleen

October 19, 2017

I love your blook offerings; the truth the vulnerability the beauty. Thank you so much for your offering and your wonderful presence in our community. You are an eternal inspiration to me. Much love to you, Jeanne Marie

How wonderful you were able to have such a warm Thanksgiving with your family, and especially after your car accident! How scary and glad that you came out of that uninjured. Thanks again for a thoughtful capture of your time back home. - Terry

August 21, 2017

Rebecca, You were on my mind during the last few days. I must have known, without looking at the calendar, that this connection was imminent. I love the art and the way you write of our connection with the news, the news in our community. - Ursula Osborne

Wonderful to hear from you. And I agree there is something to this feeling of connection through our devices. I feel it too and am compelled to keep doing it. - Rebecca

July 12, 2017

Wow! I just spent a good part of the day catching up on what I've been missing here..The imagery and connecting thoughts are inspired and inspiring. I'm glad to be on board at last. - Nancy Kennedy

July 2, 2017

Rebecca, so rich, so deep, so honest. Thank you for sharing your process and your wonderful deep images that invite but never explain. The questions are what enliven, not the answers. Your work is such a beautiful invitation to explore, inspiration calling to be answered by diving deeper into my own questions. Thank you for sharing your beautiful being. Brings grateful tears... - Kathy Ehnebuske

June 24, 2017

Rebecca, this is so powerful, so fabulous. - Barbara Clark

I'm so glad Mira is back. Thank you for this beautiful revealing piece of work and slice of your soul.

I love your art work so very much - and your discoveries when you looked at the older pieces too. Really our brains can be so in their own world as to block us from truly seeing - until we're ready? Until we look with another brain?

It helps me feel close  and feel more missing you as well. - Alisa Deitz

Always a treat to see you here, Beautiful brainiac. Thanks for the insight!


April 26, 2017

Totally gorgeous! Totally yummy! What a brilliant artist/collagist/liver of life you are! Love, Clare

Beautiful Rebecca! I love the colour, the imagery, the words, the feeling..... : ) So good to read about your experiences! Much love Alex xx

Hi Alex,Thanks for taking a look. Dance is my teacher, my passion, my life. Abrazos, Rebecca

Dance is such a wonderful metaphor for life! Don't you think that as we age, we see the mis steps as a valuable part of the process and the process, really, as life, itself?!! - Kathleen Stone

YES!!! completely and it's many layers deep, like life itself. - Rebecca

Oh YEAH!  Great wake up read this morning—you clearly DO have a tango infection, for which there is really no cure. Thank you! - Carol Mone

Thank you for saving me the time to even bother to worry about a cure. Dance On! - Rebecca

January 28, 2017

Love Love Love! LOVE!!! Thanks for this glorious post… Allyson xoxoxo


January 27, 2017

 Rebecca, This is amazingly wonderful, touching, inspiring, and so on. You are lovely and amazing - Mary G.

Thank you so very much Rebecca, for organizing the march and for your art and all your creative expression. Your voice is needed right now. The March was a transformative experience. Blessings, Sharon

Rebecca Rebecca you collagtivist, you! Your beautiful new blook chapter brought tears of joy to my eyes - Terry U.

thank you dear Rebecca... love and goodness rising....  chris

I resonate with so much of what you express here.  Living in a community on the farm where many are quakers, their peaceful bones are shaken to the core - yet all around me in many circles hearts are opening, courage is rising, and if this is what it took to bust us out of complacency then it will be the upheaval of life as we know it.  AND if we continue to stay awake, will be the rise of a new way of being, a new awareness and return to loving being in synergy with each other, nature, and all that we have seemed to disconnect from. The rise of WHOLENESS actually!  or maybe "remembering" is the best word to use...  Thanks for so beautifully sharing your insights and creativity. Love, susan

Great stuff Rebecca! Keep it comin'! Maggie B.

So glad Mira is on the March, Rebecca. Thoroughly enjoyed this edition. So glad to see so many out for the March in Eureka the largest peaceful march ever says a lot! Some way, some how, something good will come from all of this evil. Love, Julie

Marvelous! and it was great to see the video of the march.... from the middle, where I was, I really couldn't get a sense of how large it was.  It certainly was a good start to our activism.  A group of us will meet this afternoon in McKinleyville to chart a plan of action.We can't sit this one out.  This guy is really dangerous. kathleen

Thank you for this, dear Rebecca. Julia xo

Rebecca Rebecca you collagtivist, you! Your beautiful new blook chapter brought tears of joy to my eyes. I hope you will share this with our 'inner' circle. So important to reflect on the enormous wave that we are still riding.

January 19, 2017

Rebecca - Your imagery was particularly appealing this time . I discovered Kali when I was overwhelmed once, by the fear of needed change in my life and now I look to the dark goddess when I know that the unraveling and destruction of dysfunction is what must happen to create potentials and an opening in the darkness. I find I cannot listen to the news (once a regular pass-time) for two days in a row. I am a foreigner in what I thought was my own land. It helps to talk with others who are struggling with understanding the impossible. The unraveling is clear to me as I knit a sweater for my grandson and a woman's fiery tango frees me to move forward, listening, watching for whatever changes I must make to survive and thrive in what I hope will become a brave, new world. My hope is that this familar process will have stunned all of us into really paying attention to who we are. I am still not sure I really know who "we" are! - Kathy Stone

I love you for saying this. It's been a rough stretch, working full time on the women's march in Eureka on Saturday and feeling exposed and vulnerable. You give me strength. Thank you for taking the time and writing so beautifully and clearly. Abrazos, Rebecca

December 28, 2016

thanks Rebecca...beautifully shared...Susan

This episode is so inspiring and welcome. Mira's deep and thoughtful acknowledgement of the unraveling is a good mirror. I also especially respond to the background images even more than those that are the main illustrations Thank you dear! The unraveling is certainly felt here! Much love as we turn toward some light and a new year. - Beverly

December 29. 2016

YES YES YES perfecter than ever - Alisa

Truly a masterpiece! Thanks, Rebecca!  You inspire me! - Clare

 Wonderful!  I am feeling the falling apart...and can only hope (in the slenderest of ways) that this dark season will be followed by the light. - Kathleen

November 29, 2016

Hi R - truly brilliant images and incisive thoughts.......I really like the dancing cranes..and your use of color to represent thoughts, feelings as ever is right on.. Burst on...we need the spikes to jolt us into some new way of being in these diverse times. I already feel a minority here, so just have to reach out better..I admire your stretching out. - Caroline

This is amazing Rebecca!  So interesting, honest, creative - what you have done here is what we need more of.  Listening, questioning ourselves, and being willing to change our paradigm of thinking and leave all the old ways is cracking open and maybe we will finally get to be real.  Deep transformation with some kicking and screaming along the way...Susan

Rebecca, Rebecca!!! So much under that stylish appearance. I enjoyed Bursting a lot. Thanks. Quynh

Oh I love Mira!!! A very creative way of using your frustration/anger/and everything else related to the election.  Thanks for sharing!! Mim xox

I love this, Rebecca.  That anti-testosterone bomb is lonnnnng overdue. As one of our other HOH volunteers likes to write: Wage Peace!  Love, Kathleen

            I love that! Let's do it. Know any women endocrine biochemists? - Rebecca

his report from Mira was ssooooo thoughtful and well put. I felt your anguish and shared the feelings, but did not reach out to those who voted for Trump like you did. I'm still really scared, and hurt, and feeling like you....I don't know my neighbors! Instead of reaching out I clamped down. My way is more crazy and more crazy-making. Sending lots of love your way and yes, please put me in the hat for "My Place". All is well here. My hair is growing back and everyone tells me to keep it short...and I will. Working to get my strength back and all is well. - Julie

Your Blook is like a very good medicine. I love it! Thanks, Nina

Rebecca!!! Brilliant and beautiful !!! I myself have been using the pimple busting pus image. And may we survive this pussy( oh! an unintentional double entendre) stage and may it be for the healing. - Deliah Rosel

Good onya, Deliah. Get out those tango shoes, we have work to do! - Rebecca

October 30, 2016

lovely lovely lovely- again so envious of your time to play & travels.  Both you and Howard look well. (and Caroline :-)Your artwork is lovely, as usual. the grape photo almost knocked my eyebulbs out...I want a large mural of it somewhere.... please :-) things busy busy and mostly ok here. over and out good buddy xo - Joan Wynden

So, take the photo and make a mural or I'll send you a big pic ;-), Love to you, Little Sis - Rebecca

Fabulous.. loved this, and to be a small part was a treasure. Caroline Penn

It was such a good time! Love, Rebecca

Thank you Rebecca - I loved reading about your travel and experiences. - Liz Allmark

Thanks Liz, I appreciate the support. - Rebecca

Your work is beautiful and insightful as always. Thank you for keeping me on your mail list. - Kathleen Kistler

October 1, 2016

Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your exciting adventure through the Italian Dolomites.  It looks like the two of you are having a wonderful time.  Your friend, Caroline Penn, MD, looks familiar to me.  Is she from here?  I appreciate the soft voice, so gently respecting the environment, even though surrounded by such massive structures of nature.  I imagined yours to be the same, giving me a sense of invitation and presence with the Dolomites. Thank you for this touch of morning sweetness. - Sarasvati

Rebecca, my friend. You are a breath of fresh air. Love, Matina

Thanks for sharing. - Kyung Jones

Loved the video but especially the blog. Sounds like a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing! - Julie

August 19, 2016

 You have lept into my heart! How did you do that, by just being you?! Lori Dengler's story was so moving. It made me consider that we as beings have the potential to be a social object ourselves and motivate action for the good. Martha Graham spoke of how to stay open to the inner light in each of us that naturally allows for profound social connections. Your courage astounds me! I said to a friend last night while sharing a look at a painting I have in progress- "Maybe this will be the one when I finally say how much I love this painting, that it is just what I wanted to express, instead of not liking something here or there or wondering why the painting doesn't look quite right." In his wisdom, he told me that would likely never happen. That's the vulnerability. To put your best effort out for all to see, a little of your own personal light, when it never feels perfect, is terrifying and yet there is an inate tendency to want to give birth and share the beauty of what we love so much. And you have done that! I can't wait to go see your show. - Kathleen Stone

Kathleen, I so appreciate this reflection which in many astounding ways connects to my next chapter that it makes me think that you wrote it. And yes, I too believe that the place of vulnerability is precious in life and in creative work, and worthy of just being available to experience. It is a rich place to inhabit. Some day I hope we can go for a walk and a peek at your work. Much love, Rebecca

August 6, 2016

Another wonderful video and insight from you.....what  treat! Without your blog this story would never have reached me,,,,,and touched me. Having lived two blocks from the beach in Waveland, MS., when Katrina struck made Momame's story all the more real. I wonder where some of my belongings landed. - Julie Nelson


August 3, 2016

Wow. Those boats spread a long way. One came ashore on the mid BC coast about a year ago. They brought over the boat's owner, and toured him around BC. I think he was quite delighted. The pics from the high school students' visit are lovely. - Joan Wynden

July 4, 2016

Wow! What a treat! Beautiful art, poetry, music, dance! What can be more beautiful? Thank you for sharing such a treasure. - Quynh Schafer

June 6, 2016

Just WOW Rebecca! I too love collage--tho not as developed as you. I do a "collage of intent" every 3-5 years to envision where I want to go. - Sondra Schaub

A sister collager, wonderful! I can't help myself ... so I just do it. - Rebecca

Perfect . . . thank you goes to Julie Fulkerson for pointing me to you . . . as I look for work in my new home of Santa Cruz, your grace is a gift. - Judy Sears

hi and thank you. i am trying to learn how to play after retiring early from medicine. i have post polio syndrome and i really loved my work but don't have the stamina or grit - Sara Ellen

Hi Sara, Play is definitely the operative word and guides me every day. I've heard it said that we are most whole when at play and that's how it feels to me. I follow the breadcrumb method of living. I connect with something that moves me and take it where it wants to go and then follow the next thing ... no planning. May you transition to your new life and find it rewarding in new and different ways. - Rebecca


June 5, 2016

As I read of Mira's thoughts, the child within me wants to join in to play and explore. I look forward to meeting soon in the world of imaginary and other dimensional travel. - Cynthia Chason

Great to see you here, thanks for joining, and yes let's play and play. I think that's my work. - Rebecca

Your New Moon Reveals spark joys in me. - Thanks, Jerzy

Wow, Jerzy, that is wonderful! And i am sparked right back... funny how that works. - Rebecca

More good stuff! - Gary

May 6, 2016

Thanks for your latest reflections. Reminded me of the quote below. "A place is a piece of the whole environment that has been claimed by feelings."-Alan Gussow, A Sense of Place, 1971. - Corrine Frugoni

Loved this month's reflection. It was so vivid and personal. I never heard of Canadian impressionists so I just looked them up. Wow! Really beautiful stuff. Thanks for turning me on to them. Your own artwork is so alive and colorful. Your trip to Canada must have been great.  Thanks for sharing. - Marie Carulso


April 8, 2016

Michele's books are beautiful. She and I have a mutual friend, Nancy Lengyel, so I've known about her for many years. Wonderful of you to create the video. - Maggie Banducci

Very cool. - Kate Vogelsang

thanks Rebecca.  so beautiful and inspiring. - Marilyn Montgomery

Wonderfully dreamy! And thanks for featuring our bookmaker!She is doing very interesting stuff. - Iris

Happy Spring

April 7, 2016

The photos of this journey are like a dreamscape! Can't believe you carried a loaded pack up mountains! I traveled to Panama, in my late 50's and carried everything in my big backpack, climbing in and out of boats and walking through towns. I have realized recently that my shoulders are bothering me after using my day pack on the beach. I probably will never be able to walk with a full, large backpack on my back again. How to keep going on in life and live the best we can, continue to adventure and discover more and more of ourselves and the universe when our bodies remind us more each day that time is ticking away? I remind myself that I can still run reasonably fast, fast enough to play with grandchildren. Maybe that is fast enough. I could not remember the name of two shrubs I recently planted. Alstromeria, Aconitum? No, no! It starts with an A. Acer. No, that's a maple! It's related to maples.Hours later, it came to me - Abutilon!! I have great fear that I will not be able to remember something that I reeealy need to remember. I remind myself that Mr. Google knows everything and I am good with a smart phone. If I can't remember, there is always a way in which Mr. Google can help me remember. Don't we just have to move forward and hope that we will cope with whatever comes our way, reasonably well? I always try to keep my glass half full. I trust that all of us aging individuals will rely on one another, perhaps experience an interconnectedness that we have been too busy to explore as young ones. - Kathleen Stone

Kathleen, I believe you have captured the supreme wisdom and the good news that it's only one thing to remember - just keep moving forward. Blessings, Rebecca

January 11, 2016

I love the idea of tying new chapters to the monthly new moon, a certain reminder that life is full of new beginnings. We can't avoid her brilliance, unless the fog and or clouds have forced her into a brief hiding.

The interview was very interesting. I had that same sense that though my work life had been filled with extraordinary experiences, raising my children had always been a labor of love and caring for my mother was a difficult but important gift, my own life was yet to be lived. I still struggle a bit with focusing on myself now and not always on others, but it has become easier and easier for me to enjoy my own play and playful nature. My Jungian study taught me to look at the many parts of myself and to constantly delve deeper to understand my own creativity and spiritual nature. It inspires me to read your blook. I am coming to know you in a different way and appreciate your willingness to reveal yourSelf. It takes courage to say "This is who I am! Struggling, not always so confident, making mistakes, jumping for joy and so grateful to have the gift of a body and of life!

I think aging and the absolute certainty that death can visit at any moment, opens us in a way that most of us cannot experience in youth. I agree that what is inside becomes much more important than what we see in the mirror. Thank you! Keep it coming and enjoy that walk about! - Kathy Stone

December 25, 2015

Thank you Rebecca for the gift of sharing this video featuring Katheen dancing with others here in her glory. Truly beautiful to see . I am captured by her words of allowing the dance to come thru her. So special to have our bodies in this birth to allow our spirit to express thru. Thank you. On a personal note, knowing Kathleen sharing her experience of dance; it is truly special to see her here in her glory expressing her spirit in dance. Thanks again for putting this video together. - Carol Kraft

December 12, 2015

Wonderful, thought provoking images, spectacular colors and soft, soothing and fun images - Barbara Coutant

December 11, 2015

Oh you got me again. I particularly love and challenged and perhaps enlightened by this riff :Then one day a wise one challenged her to explore what it means to be invisible and she began to see that air, water, light, love, and energy are invisible, which made her wonder what is more real - that which is visible or that which is invisible. She will probably be mulling this one for some time. xoxoxo - Alisa Deitz

Oh the synchronicity of connection - I feel it and I love it! - Rebecca

Love waking with my phone to the pleasant surprise of your next chapter! As I watch the sea geysers spewing upwards from the stormy ocean outside my windows, the dynamic nature of the world we live in, with it's myriad changing patterns, stuns me with wonder. And I ponder the years when I too felt the need to live an invisible life. We aren't all meant to be sea geysers on stormy days. I think each of us is a meteor, non of our bits of stardust combined in the same way, each with our own trajectory through the universe. Wouldn't it be nice if every child felt visible from birth, growing into an adult who could enjoy invisibility as well?! - Kathy Stone

Kathy, I love the poetry of your words, sea geysers, meteor metaphor - they are both transient and glorious. - Rebecca

I love your art and I am inspired by your blog.  I am building my long awaited and "put off" art studio.  (I think I am afraid I won't use it.)  Hanging with you on your site reminds me of where I need to go/be to find my creative one. Thanks for the beauty - Ane

Ane, thank you for this. I feel very certain that your new studio is just waiting to meet you and play with you in ways you can't even imagine. Isn't that the fun of it? - Rebecca

Breathing in this new moon, so full of miracles and promise of longer days ahead. Mira, Charlie and cast bring in bright shiny light during these dark days. Beautiful - Leisyka Parrott

Thanks for the reminder of light returning, it seems so fast. - Rebecca

Rebecca thanks! I am seeing the rain throwing green rugs down. And I am enjoying thinking about patterns. It takes some distance to see them... Not sure that I can see my own patterns. - Iris Schencke

Oh good, I know how rich you are in pattern material, must have been fun. - Rebecca

November 30, 2015

Thank you so much for sharing. Anna and I were touched by your work and inspired to create our own collages. - Ellen and Anna McLaughlin.

Yay for you two! You must be having fun. - Rebecca

November 26, 2015

 I LOVE YOUR WORK! Your prose captures what it is to be human. Conscious of our consciousness. And your artwork is beautiful!!! - Nina Groth

Nina, I can't tell you what this means to me. To be seen in a way that feels true, "conscious of our consciousness", summarizes all that I could ever hope for in this life. You are precious and generous. -Blessings, Rebecca

Rebecca, your work in just beautiful. I love all the artful elements you include to make such beauty. Kelly Livingston

 I, too love color, glue and form,
my heart, my art are one,
the seed takes root, 
the next piece starts
my soul companion till it's done.

I love the friends who understand
how deep the feeling goes
I look at my art and find my self
..yes.. from head down to my toes

I'm satisfied beyond all doubt
that I've found a key to me
I know you know that's why I'm here
When doing my art, I'm free. - Barbara Caldwell

Barbara, this is why we do this, express our true nature unadulterated and thank goodness we get to live long enough to do it. Thank you for sharing yourself - Rebecca


I am a friend of Barbara Caldwell. She mentioned you and your site on FB. I love your work. I mostly paint/draw mandalas and paint/collage on rocks ( but I have recently started collage journalling - BIG pages. I find your ideas inspiring. I never thought using ink drawing with the pages. I am not a great solitary artist. I love creating with others and hope to find art friends to work with in my new studio! Many blessings, Ane Takaha - Maui

Ane, I love your work and the connection! Please bring me one next time you come to Humboldt as I would love to have one of your goddesses. And knowing that you began this in Humboldt is lovely. - Rebecca


November 25, 2015

divine inspiration.....utterly original and beautiful - love the contest concept in addition to all the other ways of connecting, You are a genius - Meryl Joblin

November 19, 2015

Rebecca - another wonderful set of images and thoughts...edges and boundaries.. so many connotations in this time we live..I am very drawn to the image between Seeds and the edges, and also love your image for the wandering..and your fragment 'of poets mixing tea in heaven'...may you continue to mix this heavenly brew!

That picture is a soul collage, a deeply intuitive process that invites hands to make a piece which is then "read" by the maker. This is a favorite of mine as well - goes nicely with Tango. And yes, poets mixing tea in heaven is a delight. We are on the same wavelength indeed! - Rebecca

November 11, 2015

you are creating like breathing… Elle Lozier Hannon

Such lovely messages that remind me to stop, look around and breathe. Xox - Beverly

Yes, such a sweet thing to do.

WOW This is so perfect giving the preceding conversations I've been watching and bathing in over the past two days. The place in between - the pregnant portal to what?! - Alisa Deitz

Yes, that's where I'll meet you and we can dance together! - Rebecca

October 28, 2015

Always a joy to experience your writing and artwork! - Marie Caruso

Marie, always a joy to receive your enthusiasm - Rebecca

October 27, 2015

Rebecca, your creations are beautiful and has touched me in a deep way. Thank you for sharing it. Karen

Karen, thank you for looking and commenting. I love feeling the connection - Rebecca

October 27, 2015

My life has been and seems to continue to be about relationship to people and animals and I am just beginning to think of physics and mathamatics as something more than requisites for obtaining a degree. I walk on the beach, watch the phases of the moon, consider that the atar filled night is not a flat canvas for our viewing, that our biochemistry is linked to the birth and destruction of stars. Physics and math ask the questions, prevent us from assuming we are all knowing beings. I love your chapters and see that we women of the world ask similar questions and learn later in life to let go and fly. We learn to be with others in this moment and savor each moment as we come to realize that time is illusive. How wondrous to realize that not only is our biology unique, but our brains and rich inner lives are shaped by the biology that belongs only to one Self. It makes me look at my children, grandchildren and every aquaintance in awe! Random thoughts, like your collaging that run through my journals, my painting and accompany me on the beach, seeing the complexity of color, form, movement, the sounds of sighing, crashing or thundering, salty moisture on my face and tongue and the scent of birth in my nostrils. Thank you for allowing me to share my own collage of morning thoughts! - Kathleen Stone

Kathleen, This is poetry of experience shared generously and openly. I feel the connection in the shared wonder of it all, joy of this experience that as you say resonates uniquely through each of us. - Rebecca

October 15, 2015

another stunning array of images and words.....some of your 'scapes' feel so familiar and comfortable to me. I am drawn always to your use of colour and your playfulness...please play on!! - Caroline Penn

October 12, 2015

Rebecca ~ you have created a beautiful magical path to follow in this mysterious life. I lost my dear mother three weeks ago and your collage book is providing some of the touchstones that are helping me find my way forward. Thank you. Nina

Nina, this touches me deeply and connects. I could not ask for more. - Rebecca

I love your magical art! - Meryl Joblin

Such a whimsical and light touch in every phrase, like sharing your ponderings out loud, totally un=self-consciously! Love the paintings and collages. So gifted you are, Rebecca! Who would have known the artist of it all lived inside the doctor! Was she hidden for all those years or did she reveal herself nevertheless? Bravo to you! - Clare Rosenfield

Where is the path going? - Claire Iris Schenke

love to let my eyes and mind wander through/along with your images and words. Beautiful, challenging, thought-provoking but always peaceful - Betsy Brydon

September 30, 2015

I love "Playing"! Such a variety of thoughts and visions. - Jill Dedini

September 29, 2015

I am loving the way of collage and in particular and very inspired by Joan Gold.  Thank you so much for making that film of her.........she is a shining example of the joy of the golden years of our lives!! I have been collecting images of elders who have this kind of radiance because we need to shift all our concepts and beliefs about the aging process.  - Marilyn Montgomery

September 28, 2015

Have been looking for ways to go beyond journaling alone, as a way to continue my own journey to wholeness. I have thought about doing journals that are simlply my painting and poetry - get away from pages of words and somehow be more concise and yet still be able to fully express myself. My journals are filling with photos and poems and I am constantly looking for links to new creativity and great exploration of self and all. Who knew that an old friend would be involved in so much creative expression of her own?! I love the blook! Collage would be a fun jump into something more. I still have one that I made when I was 21, unmarried and expecting my first son. Our lives are so layered and so complex and yet on occasion, seem so pure and simple. Kathleen Stone

Kathleen, This is my biggest hope ... that others may be inspired to be more of themselves, putting themselves out, expressing that which only they can express. The best journey, play time, adventure is the one that is driven from within, is true to self.  - Rebecca

September 27, 2015

yes!  if it's clear on the coast, we'll be able to see the sun set o'er the water to the west and the eclipse rise o'er the tree-laced hills to the east...exquisite.  enjoy this Sept 27 :)  ~Kate Stroup

Your book is utterly beautiful in so many ways. It touches my innermost being with the beauty you have imbued in it. Thank you for doing it and thank you for sending the link. With heartfelt gratitude... Nina Groth

Rebecca, this work is absolutely stunning.  Thank you so much for sharing your astonishment with life, and with the living of it. Blessings.  Ample, ample blessings by yours. - Ann Fitzgerald

September 26, 2015

Hello Rebecca! I love what you are doing, beautiful work and brilliant mind I must say :) I wanted to pass along my blog as I told you I would... . I'll see you tomorrow on the dance floor! -Lauren

September 24. 2015

I just listed to Joan Gold finally - can we put her testimonial on a banner? "It's so easy - I love myself . I'm doing what I want" Its some kind of revolutionary sedition to the Puritanical hard work we're raised to march into. - Alisa Deitz

Yes Alisa, thank you! She is simply being her whole self and loving the being and doing of it. What could be better? - Rebecca

September 15, 2015

Loving the word play combined with the seasons, lunar cycles and collage. A joyful journey all its own. Love it! - Leisyka Parrott

September 13. 2015

Loved this!  Joan Gold is a gem, and it takes one to know one, of course! - Kathryn Dixon

Wonderful Joan Gold! Reminds me of the quote from who knows where: I don’t have any of the things rich people have, but I have all the things rich people wish they had. - Carol Mone - Yes, brilliant! Couldn't agree more! - Rebecca

Love the video in- interlude, it is...Life affirming - Cyndy Chwelos

this was marvelous. I LOVE her. - Abigail Thomas

The video of Joan is exquisite and I can see how her attitude and yours vibrate with one another. A gift from both of you about loving life and self. - Ellen Le Bel

August 29, 2015 

Rebecca, I've been remiss in sending you feedback, but want you to know I'm very much enjoying the blook--keep sending! Thanks, Cat Chwelos

August 15, 2015 

beautiful offerings that feed the Soul~~~~~~~so grateful - Marilyn Montgomery

August 14. 2015


Love the connection with memory.

Reminds me of the little bouncing ball they used to show so we would all follow the song.

But we are not all singing the same key or even the same words and as we swirl around each other it is the harmonic we are creating, an ever changing medley with myriad voices interweaving that both creates the whole, a vortex that pulls each voice into the song, while it calls each voiceto resonate clearly and uniquely.

But Mira is still bouncing, tempting the other children to play and sing and dance with her. - Kathryn Ehnebuske

 Rebecca, this is so delightful, playful and wise,and I love your light and colour....Caroline Penn

moments of mind exploring - so much fun - Betsy Brydon

Lusciously alive and enlivening!  Truly! - Kathryn Dixon

Thanks Rebecca, nice work/play/fun. - Ginger Kossow

Wonderful Rebecca.    [•¥•] - Mimi Laplant

This is wonderful reading and exploring with you. Thank you!! - Sue Mossman

August 11, 2015

Inspiring. Mesmerizing. Brilliant. - Deserie Donae

August 7, 2015

wow! and yet another amazing project by the multi-talented Rebecca. Fabulous! - Lorraine Miller-Wolfe

August 4, 2015

Rebecca! Compelling images and thoughtful text. Wendy Rowan

unusually, I am speechless. A good thing. - Julie Fulkerson

I am a collager and want to learn from your wonderful work! - Colleen Harris

August 3, 2015

Enchanting, mysterious, profound, inspiring.............LOVE! - Jo Knights

August 2, 2015

a feast for the eyes and soul… and my heart just can't stop smiling! (who would want it to?) - Kathryn Dixon

August 1, 2015

ever bright, ever on the edge between knowing and not knowing, you create new spaces. love, - Mary Gelinas

July 31, 2015

Poetry, pure poetry! - Jo Freehand

this is wild. How do you do this? Drugs? Must be an altered, clear, pure state of mind. Fascinating. - Julie Fulkerson

Wow - this is way cool! What a beautiful, flowing, colorful homage to life! Thank you - Peggy Leviton

Rebecca, What an Abundance of more than Enough! My eyes and mind are overflowing, twirling with delight. - Ellen Searle-Le Bel

July 30, 2015

Love the flow, the moving form, words framed in colors, emotions augmenting ideas, ideas as bones supporting movement - Kathryn Ehnebuske

July 24, 2015

Fabulous Rebecca. What a beautiful, creative idea. Keep it coming. You're such a good artist. - Marie Caruso

July 22, 2015

 I thought the collage was just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me. - Maria Collins

Wonderful, creative and inspirational! Keep it up! - Liz Allmark

Gorgeous, just beautiful, Rebecca. Thank you for sharing.. In friendship, - Sara Genn

July 21, 2015

Your way is beautifully shown and I look forward to more dear Rebecca. I will send this around to others. - Ginger Kossow

July 20, 2015

Wow! Very colorful! - Gary Lippman

Wonderful explorations Rebecca! I especislly enjoy your creativity with words. - Britta Butler

July 19, 2015

Dear Rebecca, this is delightful, delectable, inspiring, thought provoking and oh so much fun. i enjoyed it as sipping a good glass of wine. Thank you, Erika Wolff

The way of collage is soooo wonderful. A virtual process of great beauty. A reassurance. A gift freely made and freely given. - Patricia Morningstar

Beautiful and full of subtle wisdom! I feel like I might be living out a version of Collagepiphany in my life. Thank you. - Maia Maia

So beautifully put together. I love it. - Leisyka Parrott

Glory, glory, glorious! Ohmigosh, the colors, the designs, the surprises, the writings, this is ushering in a new creativity permission giving. I guarantee this is going to go far and wide! I can't wait for the next installment! Love, Clare

July 18, 2015

Wow! - Kathleen Kistler

Rebecca - this is really beautifully done... - Caroline Penn

Love your courage - beauty - spirit - mindfulness. Jerzy

So inspiring! Beautiful, lyrical creations. Thanks for sharing! - Karen Berman

I am delighted by your images and thoughts! - Jill Dedini

Loved every word and can't wait for the next chapter! - Diana Sanford

July 17, 2015

What a joyful experience to see chapter one of the way of collage, Rebecca. Thank you again for introducing our meditation group to this vehicle for expression! - Anne Feraru

What a marvelous way to share delight--Mira! - Carol Mone

July 16, 2015

Delightfully you and joyfully received ! - Deliah Rosel

You are so creative and an inspiration to my inner soul! - Mim Curtis

Hi Rebecca. Your blog and art inspire me and spark a bit of creativity within me. I look forward to exploring and noursihing that part of myself since "reWIREment"....and am curious how it will manifest. THANK YOU for sharing. - Simone Taylor

Thanks for your refreshing images and words. Ursula

Beautiful! - Peg Roche

Hi Rebecca, I am enjoying keeping up with you through your offerings on my computer. Thanks for sharing your art and your heart! - Marilyn Page

How wonderful. It's fun to see some of your session collages here. Thanks ever so much for saving the trees and making a blook instead. Kiss. Dance. Love. - Tina Dawson

Rebecca, So great to hear from you! Funny, I was just yesterday thinking about you, and you found me! I love your work...thank you! - Geri Lasater

these are almost painfully beautiful. I love all of this. wow. - Abby Thomas

July 15, 2015

 ¡Enhorabuena! - Joan Gold

Flowing perfection. Delightful! - Kathryn Ehnebuske

Wow, Rebecca! This is so beautiful and enchanting. I have looked and need to relook. The energy of your work comes through on my large screen with such a loving presence. Sign me up for more please! - Julia Young

Sign me up! This format really works for me - better than a book. Funny how holding everything lightly allowed you to stumble on this approach. Love it. - Don Ehnebuske

 Congratulations Mira!! This is wonder FULL of color, vibrancy, living. Keep it going for as long as it's Full filling. - Sue Lee Mossman

You rock, Rebecca! - Philip Shepherd

I love this! Gorgeous - Alisa Deitz

Beautiful! - Rashani Rea

Oh, this is fun, Rebecca. Well done. I'm caught in your web. - Barbara Clark