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A perpetual kindergartner in attitude and perspective Rebecca's ambition is to experience possibilities that arise and see where they take her. With barely containable enthusiasm she wants those creative urges to connect with others. She loves the sense of being part of a tapestry, connecting threads of brilliance from here and there, now and then.

A Canadian native now living in rural northern California, retired from a career in medicine she spends her time exploring a collage of act

Mrs. Kitty Coyote

Mrs. Kitty Coyote



praise for The Way of Collage


“Rebecca Stauffer’s marvelous work will make you look at the world in a different way, will make you look at everything you own, or see, in a different way. Rebecca Stauffer makes of ordinary things, extraordinary art. Do yourself a real favor: check it out.” -  Abigail Thomas - author of What Comes Next and How to Like It, A Three Dog Night

“Stauffer’s blook is a continuous treat for eyes and heart. Unusual, beautiful and not to be missed”. - Joan Gold - artist

“If you enjoy art that delights the heart and surprises the soul; if you tingle to art that couples a delicacy of rendering with a bold unfolding of ideas; if you are willing to see the collage-ing in the life all around you right now – I would urge you to go straight to Rebecca Stauffer’s extraordinary, visionary blook.” Philip Shepherd author of New Self New World

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