Mira has run off for a bit so it's a good time for a diversion, a pause,  some reflection on what this blook is up to.  I’ve been wondering that myself and though an answer is not clear, helpful clues emerge from connections with YOU! 

For instance a few people have asked if I teach, (well that was before the last chapter), and I can’t imagine what I would teach. But as I sit with this, I think the core of the question is about giving self permission to play, permission to use all disparate parts for undertakings that may not yet have been conceived, permission to frolic like a kid but with a lifetime of experience. It might start with a class, and always involves a leap.

It excites me to imagine people inspired to express more of themselves, their possibilities, resources, skills, experiences, knowledge, thoughts, fantasies, and desires, all thrown together and who knows what marvelous good times can emerge?

Since I turned 50 things keep getting better and better and I’ve noticed that a lot of people are thriving lustily on this side of the half century divide and anyone who wants to join that club is welcome always.

Hanging out in Joan’s studio the other day we talked about permission to play and she said, “just videotape me and share how easy this is, anyone can do it and it makes me so happy.” So I did, with the tool available in my pocket, and here she is in the first in the potential series Leap, Play …. Love.


Everyone is invited to join this fun, in your playground, kindergarten room, kitchen, or wherever you feel alive and full of the collage of all your parts that are bursting to leap and play together. Don't worry about making a mess or being laughed at. You will be doing most of the laughing, that's the point. Just look at Joan. All I want is to sustain that kind of joy! 

I would love to hear from you  here and  will share anything you'd like.

Leap! Play! Dance! Sing! Make a mess! Have fun! Express! No one else can do it the way you can!