the origins

encaustic monotype

encaustic monotype

Collage found Mira in the studio one day as she moved torn pieces of failed paintings around a blank page. No art resulted but in the stretching of time was joy.

She began to notice that what might look like chaos was really her way of being, that she had been living as Collage, incorporating the bits and bobs of a world into who she was, twisting and morphing as days came and went, people populating and moving on, ideas marching by, all of it shape shifting her very substance.

This notion would not let go of her as she saw how decades of life layered, patterned, sculpted, twizzled, and fooled with her being, such that she began to grasp that she wasn't just a “who” but also a “when” and a “where” depending on the context. She calls it The Way of Collage.

Accused of being superficial and lacking in depth because of her broad interests, she chooses to go deep in being shallow.

And this is what she notices as her life of Collage composes itself.