Mira’s prepping for a “walk” in England soon - that means fourteen miles a day for seven days - in the Queen’s English, and is deciding on foot gear. The Brits seem to love those enormous leather ski boot things that feel like casts to her while she prefers as close to barefoot as possible. After questioning her friend and renowned Pacific Crest Trail expert about her plan, he encouraged waterproofing at the least, adding that there are lots of wet fields in the UK even if it doesn’t rain.

Armed with this useful information she set out the next morning in 36 degree temperatures, bare feet in minimal shoes and plowed across the wet and melting frost field to try out wetness walking. Twenty steps and the shoes were full of cold water, but Mira immediately noticed she preferred the soft undulating grassy ground to the hard flat groomed trail. Within ten minutes feet were warming and although they stayed sopping for the entire walk, it was cold but manageable.

She is ever grateful for this wise counsel though rather than water proof, she’s decided to get comfortable with wet walking. Wish her luck.